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If you need to design the electronics and software for your next breakthrough product, you’ve come to the right place. Emtech provides specialized consulting and engineering design services in embedded systems across multiple industries, including New Space, Industrial and Communications and Networking.

Our passion is to provide best-in-class product development services by experienced R&D engineers using the latest technologies and tools. No matter the stage in the development cycle, Emtech is the smart choice. More Info

IoT Ecosystem

Have a look at our IoT platform, and the amazing low-power solutions you can create around it.

Networking & Communications

Industry 4.0 will require more processing power and faster communication networks. We can take you there.

New Space

We can help you bring to life high-performance systems to provide all kinds of novel satellite services.

How we do it

We are a team with a cumulative experience of more than ninety years in embedded hardware, software and design and verification for FPGAs. We have designed and implemented systems for very diverse purposes: complex DSP for communications and radar, PCB boards for satellites, FPGA cores for high performance data centers, hardware and software for nuclear radiation monitoring, embedded Linux for POS terminals, and low-power sensing and communications for IoT are among our successful projects.

Our project management techniques closely follow the different stages of development, allowing us to maximize value and minimize costs and delays.

professional Team

We provide you to have your own work team in Argentina. Forget about paperwork and human resource management.


We provide best-in-class product development services by an experienced R&D engineering team, using the latest technologies and modern tools.


We offer our expertise in different industries and technologies to help you define the best solution for your specific needs.

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Some sample projects

We have plenty of projects to show you. These are some of them:

SAR Target Emulation

Our work in this project consisted in developing an FPGA core for a high-performance acquisition board, used as part of the Test Equipment for a Synthetic Aperture Radar. The Core acquires radar pulses and generates echoes for these pulses to emulate several targets responses. The echoes are controlled precisely in amplitude, delay and phase, based on the targets distances to the radar’s moving antenna and other scenario characteristics. Gaussian noise can be added to emulate channel noise. The FPGA core performs very intensive DSP calculations on the acquired data to achieve the expected deformations in the generated echoes, which are then used to test and calibrate the radar. 

SOC Advanced Verification Environment Development

Verificationof the System On Chip (SoC) designed to be the main controller of a CriticalSystem and implemented into a multimillion gate FPGA. The SoC incorporates ageneral purpose processor, several application specific cores and controllers;all connected with a multi-master AXI bus and fault detection & recoveryresources. It also handles several dedicated interfaces with stringent timingconstraints, as well as standard IO for DRAM, SRAM, Ethernet, USB and I2C interfaces.

On-Board Computer (OBC) I/O Board

This board is intended for Argetina’s nextmissions’ OBC. It is composed of a set of base and mezzanine boards, which includea Microsemi rad-hard RG4 FPGA, analog and digital signal conditioning, A/D conversionand interface connectors, as well as interfaces to the OBC backplane.  The board is prepared for space applications,including the possibility of isolation and redundancy to account forradiation-induced and other failures, as well as thermal dissipation. 12 layers. 90 temperature inputs, 32differential analog inputs, 24 digital inputs, 8 digital outputs, 56 high poweroutputs. Signal integrity and part stress analysis, FMEA.

Atheling IoT ecosystem

With our platform we have made three different solutions to the agriculture.


Some of our Clients

Ìnvap designs and builds complex technological systems for nuclear, aerospace & defense industries.

Newsan Produces, markets and distributes  consumer electronics and home appliances.


Hellastorm is developing a revolutionary hardware and software platform to store and stream thousands of videos efficiently at very low power.

BioDrone is a start-up developing an integrated detection, evaluation and immediate application system that combines electronic sensor technologies with applicator drones.

Novo Space is a US start-up developing an ecosystem of SpaceVPX high-performance electronics components for the next generation of space electronics.

Tecno Accion develops technology systems for the gaming industry.

Arakur luxury hotel in Usuaia.

Tecnet S.A , it is a leading company in the integration of systems for the automation, control, and communications of business processes.

“You guys are a pleasure to work with, and the speed at which you can understand and implement designs is very impressive.”

Bob from Hellastorm Inc.

"They managed our expectations and delivered more than they promised."


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