Emtech Services

we PROVIDE EXPERIENCE and brain power....

Product Design Services

We are a team of experienced engineers dedicated to high quality embedded systems and FPGA design, from specification and algorithm modeling to hardware and software design, from high level simulations to RTL design and core verification, from systems requirement definition to bring-up and operation support. Our work ranges from expert advice and training to complete development of complex electronic systems.

Emtech gives our customers access to expert advice and a skilled workforce to design their product or complement their own team.  Our engineers have worked for over 10 years in successful projects with the latest technology in hardware, software, DSP, and FPGA design.

Consulting on

  • System architecture definition
  • Technology selection
  • Project Review and Planning
  • Algorithm design, modelling and simulation
  • Simulation of complex systems
  • Help you fix stuff you have problems with
  • Real-time information systems engineering
  • Design and development of critical software
  • Digital Signal Processing
  • Image Processing
  • Support for ongoing projects and team augmentation
  • Training

Hardware Design

  • Schematics & PCB Design
  • Digital Design
  • FPGA (Xilinx, Altera, Microsemi)
  • DSPs ( Texas Instruments and Analog Devices)
  • Design for EMI/RFI compliance
  • Comunications (LoRa, Bluetooth, USB, Ethernet, Wifi, TCP/IP, 1 GigE, FMC, PCIe, SpiceWire)
  • Digital Signal Processors
  • Signal Integrity analysis
  • Part stress analysis
  • High Speed Memory
  • High Speed Analog to Digital Converter
  • High Speed Digital to Analog Converter
  • Sensor and signal conditions

Firmware Design

  • Diverse Processor Architectures (ARM, PIC, AVR, MIPS, x86)
  • FPGA SoC custom peripheral support (Xilinx, Intel)
  • DSP, ADC & DAC drivers
  • C/C++, C#, C.Net/Qt/Python
  • RTOS (CoOS, FreeRTOS, ChibiOS, NuttX, UCOS, RTLinux)
  • Embedded Linux
  • TCP/IP stacks (LwIP).Ethernet, Wifi
  • RS485, RS232, RS422
  • USB, Bluetooth, RF
  • I2C Drivers
  • SPI Drivers
  • CAN Drivers
  • ADC Drivers
  • DAC Drivers
  • SD Drivers
  • Interface Design
  • MQTT
  • Protocols
  • Image Processing
  • Data Storage
  • Touch user interfaces
  • Integration to hardware

FPGA and ASIC Design & Verification

  • FPGA (Xylinx, Spartan Series, Zynq 7020, 7030, and 7045, Altera, DaVinci)
  • DSPs ( Texas Instruments and Analog Devices)
  • Digital Design
  • Analog Design
  • Comunications (LoRa, Bluetooth, USB, Ethernet, Wifi, TCP/IP, 1 GigE, 10 Gig E)
  • Power Systems
  • Signal Processing
  • HDL/Verilog/System Verilog
  • I2C Drivers
  • SPIE Drivers
  • ASIC design support
  • Automate testing development

Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI) Systems Design

  • OpenCV
  • Python
  • Image Precessing
  • Computer Vision
  • Solutions based on Artificial Intelligence

    Software Services

    • Software Development & Design
    • Database Development & Support
    • Systems Integration
    • Web Development
    • Testing & Evaluation