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We have experience in developing radiation sensor systems. We are currently working on an radioactivity sensing instrument. Our experience ranges from electronic design,  conditioning signal sensed, processing and presentation of data,  locally and through radio frequency systems or via ethernet. 

Among the main tasks we have done in this area include: 

  • Acquisition and generation of analog and digital signals. 
  • Measurement systems, data processing and presentation of analog signals. 
  • Improving systems capture, storage and commissioning data availability. 
  • Sensing system for satellite solar particles. 
  • Monitor area of nuclear activity Lanin and FPGA board.

Microelectrónica se entiende como el conjunto de reglas, normas, requisitos, materiales y procesos que aplicados en una secuencia determinada, permite obtener como producto final un circuito integrado, que son dispositivos electrónicos miniaturizados empacados en grandes densidades en una pastilla única de semiconductor. 



Emtech has wide experience in the development of processing modules for radar systems, both primary and secondary, we have participated in projects from the design, implementation of radar systems.

Among the main tasks we have done include:

  • Design of FPGA core for pre - processing of radar signals .
  • Block signal generator for radar control and sync .
  • Simulators for secondary radar transponder .
  • Implementation on FPGA filter banks .
  • FPGA Cores for capturing, processing , packaging, and data generation.
  • Integrating block power estimate calculation during monitoring periods and JATS whose results produce special packages besides the normal data .
  • Sending packets of data to a PC via DMA through the PCIe interface to test a synthesizing radar operation , especially the acquiring and processing SW .
  • Using PCIe interface to send a plate of Innovative X5 -TX data baseband signals .
  • Implementing a core that performs the interpolation and frequency shift data and sends them to the DACs to generate the analog signals with the chain digitization and processing of TPS tested.
  • Digital processing for radar antenna emulation

Some of emtech's long term customers live in the aerospace and defense industry segments.

emtech has developed systems (hardware and software) targetted to solve very specific problems in these areas, and of course we understand the criticality of the mission and design and develop our solutions knowing that failure is not an option and system must remain available, reliable and working as per requirements. 

Beyond system requirements, we also understand this type of applications imply major project risks, from financial to human. We understand the thoroughness of industry standards and stay committed to observe and adhere to these specifications, while still procuring to maintain a balance in project cost, time and deliverables.

We have participated in the design and implementation of several subsystems of a satellite, that all working together integrally allow the satellite to fulfill the mission for it was designed. Among the main tasks we have done include: 

  • Implementation of algorithms for detecting and correcting errors. 
  • Management of mass storage systems. 
  • Development of hardware, software and HDL for ground support systems of various subsystems. 
  • Design of FPGA cores for flight systems. 
  • RTL verification and FPGA cores post PAR of plates spatial use. 
  • Analysis of worst-case timing, RTL simulations and post PAR. 
  • Audits of FPGA cores, tasks and functional verification of design rules. 
  • Board design and FPGA core for detection of imaging of stars for use in nano satellite navigation. 
  • Package management system telemetry.